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Interview Guidance

Interview Panel

Our Interview Panel comprises of experienced working & retired bureaucrats , our selected candidates and subject-matter experts.

Mr. S.C. Mishra

Member (Services), Telecom Commission & Ex Officio Secretary at GOI

Mr. Alok Ranjan

Ex. Chief Secretory of Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Rajesh Shukla

Subject Specialist

Mr. Venkatesh Srivastava


Mr. Amit Singh

Security Expert

Mr. Ravi Shankar Gupta


Mr. Amitabh Pandey

IAS (Retd.) Secretary to GOI

Mr. A.K. Srivastava

Ex. Vice Chairman (Technical) Railway Claims Tribunal

Prof. S.K Dikshit


How to Face Interview?

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”.
-Henry David Thereon.

Civil services interview is the last & most important stage in a year-long process of this exam. It is said that “while the mains examination ensures your selection in the services, the personality test decides your rank in the services.” The rank will decide your post so the sheer weightage of the personality test i.e. 275 marks will takes the cake from you if you are not prepared well.
So there is a huge weightage accorded to a single stage & any blunder can either push you in two digit rank or it can push you out of the list.
The UPSC Interview Guidance program at RACE IAS makes efforts to minimize the chances of committing mistakes and provides you with an experience of the real UPSC Interview in advance


The focus of our interview panel is to provide you with a real UPSC interview experience. Besides the knowledge aspects in relation to your bio-data, the interview panel will focus on refining candidates’ approach, attitude and aptitude to excel in UPSC’s personality test.


The programme will focus on novel ways of presentation, communication, body language, emotional stability, sense of empathy and answering mechanism.
The interview panel, besides checking and updating candidates on their knowledge on day to day affairs of national and international importance, will specifically also check for qualities such as – balance of judgment, clear and logical exposition, intellectual and moral integrity, mental alertness and ability for social cohesion and leadership.

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Program Details

UPPCS Mock Interview 2023

Free Mock Interview Programme for UPPCS 2023

UPSC Mock Interview 2023

The UPSC Interview Guidance program at RACE IAS makes efforts to minimize the chances of committing mistakes and provides you with an experience of the real UPSC Interview in advance.