About Us


      RACE IAS has been established to foster excellence among IAS aspirants in terms of competitiveness and knowledge. It is a vibrant pre-selection training wing of Rajesh Academy for Civil Examinations, a registered society under Registration Act, 2002.

      The RACE IAS was created by Dr. Rajesh Shukla in the year 2010 as an independent body with a view to establish a bench-mark institution to achieve excellence in the toughest competitive exam in the country, i.e. Indian Administrative Service Exam which has now come to be known as Civil Services Exam.

      In order to promote specialization in academic programmes, the Institute maintains a hub of expert faculties and also conducts guest lectures. The Vision of the Academy is to inculcate innovation and competitiveness among dedicated and committed IAS aspirants.


The fundamental goal of the institution is to indoctrinate

  • Qualitative and updated study material based upon revised syllabus.
  • Special focus to aspirants, having no background of the subject.
  • Answer–writing skills through regular mock tests with feedback sessions.
  • Concept building through facilitative style of teaching.
  • To offer a Competitive attitude rather than being a mere scholar.
  • Personal attention, Mentioring & Monitoring. 

Director's Message

The Institute is founded to deliver Civil Services Examinations training in sync with competitive environment . In pursuit of this objective, the institution takes care that the commencement of the course, faculty, study material, pattern of teaching and assessment. The result of the Institution testify to the same.

Frequent examination, personal attention, continuous monitoring by the faculty and meticulously made study material & Test Series are the hallmarks of the institution. The endeavor of the institution is to ensure that the time of the student is made most productive by separating wheat from chaff as far as the preparation for the Civil Services Examination is concerned.


Quite simply, if you have the ability, the enthusiasm and the motivation to study here, then we want to hear from you.


Director & Founder

Managing Director's Message

To become successful in the toughest competitive examination of our country, one needs to have a well drawn out plan of action which should be a judicious blend of persistent hard work, proper time management, selection of appropriate books and materials, proper guidance and a competitive environment. The right decision at the right time is the key factor in fulfillment of your dreams. Hence choosing of right place for guidance is critical to your SUCCESS. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the aspirants at RACE IAS.

With Best Wishes

We believe in your strength and our quality education.


Managing Director